A PICK-UP driver whose insurance was cancelled even though he had paid in full has had his vehicle seized by police.

The driver had failed to send his proof of No Claims Bonus so his policy was cancelled.

Now police have warned motorists to ensure they are properly insured before they get behind the wheel.

A spokesman for the Dorset Police No Excuse team said: "This pickup was seized for no insurance. The driver didn't send in his proof of No Claims so they cancelled his policy. The insurance company had requested it several times so he really only has himself to blame.

"This is an expensive oversight for not sending a quick email or document back."

The driver now faces a £300 fine and six penalty points. Recovery of the vehicle costs £150, plus £20 a day storage.

If a vehicle isn't collected within 14 days it can be sold or scrapped.

"Before authorising the release of a vehicle we check the driver has informed the insurance company they have a pending prosecution and that the vehicle is in a police compound. Not all insurance companies will offer cover for these" added the spokesman.

"We would like people to check their insurance policies before they drive and if in doubt call them first so we don't have to seize any vehicles."