ROADWORKS which could last for three weeks have started on St John Way, Dorchester. 

Half the road will be closed for most of the time with two-way traffic in operation, although not controlled by lights. 

The closure is part of the £1.2 million sewer improvement scheme on the corner of the Great Field being carried out by Wessex Water. 

The company is creating an automated underground storage facility which will hold back the output from the Poundbury area, when needed, preventing flooding in Dorchester town centre. 

The company say there will be signage and barriers for traffic and pedestrians, but no traffic signals involved.  Road users are being asked to take extra care when approaching the St John Ambulance roundabout from Bridport Road or Middlemarsh Street. 

This phase of the work will allow ducting from the main site to be installed in shallow trenches across the road to the control kiosk which will be sited in front of the gable end of the St John Ambulance building. A small section of the existing hedge will be removed, to create sufficient room and allow the kiosk to fit along the front hedge-line.  The kiosk will be olive green, with the positioning agreed to be the least obtrusive location. 

The overall programme is due to complete by Friday, August 21 although it is likely that the team will need to return to the site to complete the power connection which has been delayed due to the Covid-19 situation.

Once finished the hoardings which currently surround the site will be removed and the area restored. Little will be seen of the works with small access points set into the grass.