FOR months I have avoided sending letters about the failure of government over Brexit or dealing with Covid 19, as by and large, I have felt the efforts have been well meant and generally about right.

But here I am frustrated, not by national government, but by the pathetic efforts of our local representatives who seem to fail us on a number of fronts.

Today as I write, it is Saturday 4th July, which means the official closure of parts of the harbourside for 12 weeks has begun. Already the traffic is building up, so now we look forward to three months of chaos, devised and approved by people who live nowhere near the harbour or Esplanade areas.

And then along the Esplanade we have a monstrous looking new toilet and office area, which is poorly designed, nowhere near complete, and already many thousands over budget.

There is still time to get the council to reverse this decision, but only if the residents have a voice.

Dennis Corbett

East Street