HI READERS it’s Emily and William writing about Zoom meetings People First Dorset are holding. We like them as they’re a chance to see our friends and talk about how we’re doing.

We both have two calls weekly with one group and I, William, also join in with another group. The group we’re both in is called the Gigglers! Each week we decide what to talk about. Sometimes we want to be silly and might decide to dress up. I, Emily wore a green blouse over a summer dress, odd slippers, a summer hat with a pugsy head band and some door handle decorations hanging off my glasses! I, William wore a blue wig and a Father Christmas hat on top! We both enjoyed it as it was fun to do, and liked seeing what each other dressed up as.

One time we chose to bring something to the group which was memorable or precious to us. I, William, brought a photo of me with the Olympic Torch which I loved holding and because I enjoyed the English Olympics. I, Emily, brought two teddy bears which are very precious to me as my brother and I were given them on the day we were born, and I’ve kept them all this time.

This week People First Dorset are having our second Zoom group coffee morning for 15 of our members. We’re really looking forward to catching up with more friends again, seeing each other and taking turns to speak! We will let you know how it goes.

I, William, also join in Zoom meetings with the Film Club I belong to. Gary, who runs it, mutes us, so only one person can talk at a time and that works well.

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