How sad to read Councillor Bryan's reasoning for turning the quay, one of Weymouth's main traffic arteries, into a pub forecourt. It was apparently done with haste, and without consultation, for the safety of the drinking public. Every decision has to be made after consideration of the consequences of that decision.

In this case on the plus side I can see that a few people, such as brewers, will benefit from the fact they will have much more floor space for no extra cost, and also it may create a couple of extra jobs in the cleaning department. On the minus side apart from exacerbating the existing traffic problems, and in due course causing even greater tailbacks than usual, the scheme takes away a major route through the town, with the loss of many parking spaces. It will deter visiting boats - who wants to tie up next to a beer garden? - and will probably cause the fishing industry to move to Portland in the near future. It will also kill stone dead any hope of investment in the area - who is going to invest in an area that is not accessible?

How I ask does Cllr Bryan think that the scheme is so important that it had to be rushed through. Who actually proposed this scheme in the first place?. The other worrying aspect of this affair, is that we pay out loads of money in order to have a local council. Why do decisions like this have to be made by one person living at the other end of the county?

Many people appear to have an appetite for demonstration in Weymouth. So can somebody with the capability, start an online petition to the government, asking that the cabinet system in local authority be disbanded, on the grounds that it is undemocratic. If they get enough signatures, then the matter has to be debated.

I say to all of the younger population out there - do something for it is your future being ruined. If this has any success whatsoever then officials will have to revert back to what they should be doing and listen to the people and carry out their wishes.

D Skinner

Sutton Road