The other day I had the pleasure of a chance meeting with Weymouth’s one time television cameraman, Trevor Mathews.

After talking about old times, the name of his contemporary that I also had met, Joe Hardy, who was an eight times winner of cameraman of the year back in the 1970s, came up. He was Southern Television cameraman and filmed all the annual off-shore powerboat races.

One thing came to mind, that he had something to do with a documentary about Thomas Hardy. Joe had, according to Trevor, paid for the production and costs of the 16mm film to make a documentary. Trevor remembers helping with the filming at various locations around Dorset.

The big mystery is what happened to the completed production? It was thought at one time, to have been in the possession of Weymouth Cine Club Chairman of which, at one time, was a Miss Ann Vincent who sadly died some time ago.

As Trevor said, it would be nice to trace it, especially as the Hardy Festival and annual play week has had to be cancelled this year due to the pandemic.

That is if anyone knows where to find it, and more over that it is still existing today.

Alvin Hopper

Walpole Street