I WENT along Trinity Road on Tuesday for the first time since the pedestrianisation and was horrified at what I saw.

Firstly why is there a sign saying road closed? The road is not closed, it is for access only. If I was visiting Weymouth I would probably not even try to access Trinity Road by car and drive out of the town.

Why are there security personnel stopping all vehicles? Why not let people drive through - all the tables and chairs are surrounded by poles and safety barriers. It must be costing a fortune having the security guards there.

I feel this whole thing is an absolute farce, nothing to do with social distancing and most certainly does not look as though it is a temporary set-up.

I feel sorry for the fishing, diving, and businesses not involved in the hospitality sector, they must be struggling to get their heads around it all as well.

Sue Greenough

Lydwell Close