We asked to see pictures of your pets and you didn't let us down. 

Every week we'll be featuring the Echo's Pets of the Week here and in the paper.

This is a dedicated space to nominate your four-legged friends or your cold blooded reptiles for the coveted title of the Dorset Echo’s Pet of the Week.

Scroll down to see which furry pals come under the spotlight this week.

Dorset Echo:

Schnapps the Staffie dog, 10, looked after by Rachel Ralston, who says: “Schnapps is the kindest, most loving dog we have ever had.”

"She’s very good and loud at snoring. She is our world,"

Dorset Echo:

Honey the mini lop rabbit, 8 months, owned by Faith Solly. Faith says: "She's very elegant and is smart - she gets in the smallest gaps possible.

"She’s very cute and is the smartest rabbit I’ve ever met."

Dorset Echo:

Izzy the cross Yorkie/Pomeranian dog, 8, owned by Jennifer Rickman, Izzy’s a rescue dog. “From day 1 it’s been the perfect match,” Jennifer says.

"We went to Rushton Rescue Centre in Somerset, had a long chat with Cindy the owner, eventually she matched us up with Izzy. Izzy settled in with us, comes everywhere with us and is now well and truly a member of our family.

"She's so intelligent, she communicates in all sort or ways, she has a lovely temperament and makes friends with everyone who comes to the house.

"She can sit upright, stand on two legs. She always get attention everywhere we go, so shopping can take longer than necessary."

Sugar the American bulldog, owned by Layla Campbell. She said: “Sugar makes all of us laugh every day. She is a huge part of our little family.”

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Dorset Echo:

Sugar the American bulldog, owned by Layla Campbell. She said: “Sugar makes all of us laugh every day. She is a huge part of our little family. She brings so much fun and happiness. She actually thinks she is human.

"She waves and gives “high fives“. Sugar is big and scary looking and gets very nervous in certain situations. Not a good mix. She needs us to look after her and not to be put in a position that can be stressful."

Dorset Echo:

Chewie the Holland lop rabbit belongs to Charlotte Pickett. She says: "Chewie joined us during Lockdown from a friend, he was the smallest in the litter of baby bunnies and we were not sure whether he would make it. 

"Against the odds he started to get bigger and now loves living with his two furry brothers.

"Chewie is so cute, he is only a baby but is already learning to use a littler box. He is a house bunny and spends his days hopping around our feet as we cook dinner.

"Chewie can make a floret of broccoli disappear in the flash of an eye."