I totally agree with the letter from Helena Smith (Dorset Echo, Saturday, July 11) regarding the seagulls in Weymouth.

We moved here four years ago and in that time the gull population seems to have increased dramatically.

I recently wrote to the council expressing my concerns that this could have a damaging effect on tourism with beach goers being constantly being dive-bombed by hordes of seagulls.

I live just in from the coast and the constant screeching and mess caused by these birds on a daily basis is really intolerable.

How they can be classed as protected species is illogical!

Some control on their numbers is urgently needed for the future tourism of Weymouth and for locals’ sanity.

I did suggest that a long term programme of installing anti-gull netting on all properties with flat roofs could stop them from breeding but I guess may not be practical.

Does anyone out there have any good ideas, and does the local council care?

Alan Perkins

Alexandra Road