A DORSET woman 'broke lockdown' by travelling across the world, using a technique called 'mind travel' to visit countries she's never been to.

Joanna Kemp, 41, has enjoy exotic holidays in her head over the past few weeks. She took flights, stayed in luxury hotels and villas, lazed in the sun on beaches and visited sights like the Dead Sea in Israel, the lost city of Petra in Jordan, ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia and Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro.

These incredible trips were all taken through her mind thanks to hypnotherapist expert Nicolas Aujula. He begins his 'mind travel' sessions by taking people into a deeply relaxed state of mind in order to access their imagination - the sessions involves the whole process from receiving their tickets, driving to the airport, getting on the plane to the actual holiday.

He said: "Through the power of the imagination, you can travel anywhere in the speed of light, without any obstacles where it is possible to imagine sounds, tastes, smells, physical sensations, feelings and emotions that feel real and sensory. That is what we are tapping into through mind travel."

Mrs Kemp, from Sherborne, said: "One of things I'm most looking forward to for when restrictions are lifted is travelling again though it might be a while away. We always travel as a family and this time last year we were in the Maldives. So when the opportunity to travel via my mind arose with Nicolas I was really intrigued yet open minded to see if it could really work or not. I didn't know what to expect but I'm so surprised to what I experienced.

"It felt so surreal in my mind to be reliving sitting on a plane I could literally feel the excitement of going on holiday knowing my emails are turned off and it’s just time to relax and have fun.

"After my Brazil trip I noticed I have been more relaxed, not letting the stress get to me as much. Sleeping better as well at night. During home schooling I am definitely calmer. I’m walking away when the boys get argumentative rather than being drawn in. I still having a few worries over my business of lack of it at the moment but not as bad as I was. My anxiety levels are lower as a result."