SHOP owners have had their say on the announcement that members of the public will have to wear masks in shops from July 24.

The announcement was made by the government yesterday and those who do not comply will risk a fine of up to £100.

Health secretary, Matt Hancock said the new rules were put in place to give people more confidence to go into shops.

Mr Hancock said shopkeepers "can refuse entry" to people not wearing coverings and said police enforcement would be the "last resort".

Karl Moore, owner of Razmatazz in Weymouth, said: “I think it's a good thing, I think it will build up customer confidence. If people have been keeping away I think they might be more comfortable going into shops if everyone is wearing masks.

“Trade is nowhere near what it should be since reopening and I think there's definitely a lack of confidence within the public in terms of going into shops.

“We're not going to enforce it, it's not our job to enforce it if people don't wear them but we will certainly encourage people to wear the masks.

“We've been open for a month already so the timing isn't great, I think they should have done it a month ago when shops were allowed to reopen.

“If the masks are going to make people more comfortable going into shops then I'm all for it.”

Abby Henley, manager of Crystals in Dorchester, said: “I think it's going to be quite intimidating for customers, in my opinion a lot of people will be put off.

“The customers we've had in have already been distancing and following the measures well.

We've been open for three weeks now and we've already set ourselves up with all the required measures, I think they should have brought this rule in sooner.”

Sue Hancock, co-owner of Phil’s Vinyl Vault in Weymouth, said: “If the government say it's what we need to do, then we're happy to do it.

“Maybe we should have used the masks from the reopening but I think they might have brought them in now because people are worried about a second wave, especially with all the tourists coming to Weymouth now.”