I WAS very interested to read the article in Wednesday’s Echo about the Sutton Poyntz neighbourhood plan, and in particular some of the quotes from Cllr Tony Ferrari, a Sutton Poyntz resident, I believe.

He claims the idea that Sutton Poyntz, as part of Weymouth, should be included as part of the Weymouth Town plan was undemocratic?

Hello, Scotland has to leave the EU because it is part of the UK, despite the wishes of its people? Is that democratic?

Some of us on the old Dorset County Council pressed that the new council should give priority to some better paid jobs in Weymouth.

Cllr Tony Ferrari was a cabinet member of the ruling group who told us we were being arrogant to even ask the Dorset council to consider this idea, even though he represented a large population in Weymouth.

Was that democratic? What was even more disappointing than this was his lack of acknowledgement that the leader of the Weymouth Neighbourhood planning team made it extremely clear that everything in the Sutton Poyntz plan would be seriously considered as part of the larger Weymouth plan and they were thanked for leading the way.

I hope that a new newsletter will be released apologising for misleading his residents and that he will now stand up more strongly for Weymouth in his important role on Dorset Council.

We were promised by the ruling party, before reorganisation, that there would be more scope for local decision making through local area boards.

This has been discarded. Is that democracy? Come on Cllr Ferrari, we expect better than that from cabinet members.

Cllr David Harris