I HAVE been self-isolating for three months and just started to use the buses, wearing a face mask or a scarf.

However what I have been finding is that many people get on the bus with a face mask and take it off when they sit down, or people have to take it off, especially on long journeys, because they struggle to breathe.

Myself, I struggle breathing with a mask on and I am breathing the same oxygen, causing me to have headaches in the process.

When out walking, I have seen people really suffering wearing face masks either being very hot or complaining they are struggling to breathe.

I myself don’t wear a mask in the outdoors or unless I have too.

I do understand the reasons for having face-masks and most people are being good, even me, wearing them when needs be, but they are causing problems as I have clearly seen.

But face masks were originally made for people to wear in dentists and in hospitals during operations and medical procedures to stop hair and thing going into people wounds not to wear on buses and in shops.

Many people are suffering. Couldn’t someone come up with something more practical and safer?