A WEYMOUTH church's food bank initiative to help those struggling throughout the lockdown period is continuing to feed families.

St Edmund’s Church, on Lanehouse Rocks Road, began the project in March and supporters have used the church hall, which was closed due to government guidelines, to support local residents with food parcels.

The food bank currently feeds around 40 adults and 20 children per week.

Reverend Alasdair Kay, rector of St Edmund’s Church, said: “As a church we had been supporting Weymouth and Portland food bank but of course when lockdown started people couldn't travel easily and we realised there was a local need for a food bank.

“The church was obviously closed and we had a hall that was sat there doing nothing.

“We set it up and had very generous donations from individuals along with local charities and other churches and also were given a lot of support from the local Morrisons and Co-op.”

Moving forward, the group plans to work with other churches across Weymouth to create a food hub. The idea being to cut out the use of travel by increasing the amount of food outlets locally

Rev Kay continued: “The people we are supporting may not have the disposable income to spend £3 or so on a bus ticket to collect their food parcels. By having food banks as local as possible to people we hope to cut that element out.

“The Weymouth economy has taken a hit due to the coronavirus, so there will be a continuing need for food banks.

“We are working will local organisations to see how that can come about.”

The project was able to gain a sizeable financial boost through a Crowdfunder campaign, raising £3,385 to support the group in its work.

Rev Kay said: “People have been very generous, supporting us financially. As people donate to us we can have a look and say 'what's missing?'

“The crowdfunding and individual donations and the local supermarkets have been so supportive and we're very grateful to everyone.”

The church remains closed as it has many people who are still shielding so it's not ready to open yet. The church is looking at reopening in October.

Physical donations of food can be made between 10:30am and 12:30pm on a Tuesday.