RAIL authorities have been called on to take responsibility for anti-social behaviour at Weymouth train station following a drunken brawl.

Weymouth and Portland Police were called to the station at 8pm on Monday after a group of approximately 30 drunken young men and women were causing trouble on the platform. Some of them were fighting and train services were disrupted because of the incident.

This altercation has added to growing concerns over the rise in anti-social behaviour at the station.

Cllr Tia Roos has called on South Western Railway (SWR), the company that owns the railway station, to do more in tackling the problems around the station.

The latest incident comes as moves are made by local authorities to try and improve the station 'gateway' and make it safer.

Cllr Roos said: “It’s never-ending. Anti-social behaviour is a massive issue in the area, it has been going on for years and I have to say not enough is being done.

“It’s actually really damaging to Weymouth because it’s the first port of call when people step off the train, this is their first impression of our town.”

Cllr Roos also called on Dorset Council to take responsibility, as she claims anti-social behaviour has risen in the town due to the council putting rough sleepers from across the county in Weymouth.

“After all those people with problems were put in Weymouth, they haven’t taken the responsibility to take them all back as far as I’m concerned. There are, I would say, two thirds more people causing anti-social behaviour since Covid.

“They have used the Park District as a dumping ground and now we are dealing with more than our fair share. That’s not fair on us.”

“I don’t think it’s easily solved. They need to be consulting with more businesses and residents.”

A £596,000 project by Dorset Coast Forum to improve the area around the station, called the Weymouth Station Gateway, is being planned. This includes a £450,000 grant from the South Western Railway Customer and Communities Improvement Fund, but Cllr Roos says the rail operator needs to take more responsibility than simply offering financial support.

“They need to work closer with the community and open it up to all businesses and residents and work closer with councillors. There could be residents with amazing ideas, but they just aren’t being heard.”

SOUTH Western Railway has responded to criticism, calling for a "community-wide response" to the drug and alcohol-related problems at Weymouth train station.

A spokesperson for South Western Railway said: “Police attended an incident at Weymouth station last night following a fight involving intoxicated passengers who were returning to travel home after spending the afternoon in the town.

“Weymouth station does suffer from alcohol and drug related problems, however these problems are societal and not exclusive to the railway, and in tackling these problems, we need a community-wide response.

“We are investing £450,000 into Weymouth station’s forecourt as part of the plans led by Dorset Coast Forum, and there are plans to involve the local community including businesses and residents, including through a community engagement survey which will be shared in August, details of which can be found at www.dorsetcoasthaveyoursay.co.uk”