WEYMOUTH beach has been rated as one of the top beaches across the UK as Brits prepare for a summer of staycations.

It is holiday season and ordinarily, people across the UK would be jetting off around the world in their millions. However, with international travel being severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, many will be looking to plan their summer getaway on home soil this year.

To help make the decision on which seaside resort to visit, 91 seaside resorts across the UK were examined in a new study by The Solar Centre. The study used statistical analysis on ten different data points, including temperature, cloudiness and the price of a pint. The Solar Centre collected the latest scientific and crowdsourced data for seven different factors that are important for a perfect day at the beach.

Weymouth ranked 46th overall in the study, with an average score of 6.28 out of ten. Deal in Kent came out on top with a highest average score of 8.37. Penarth and Southwold are in second and third respectively, with Dunbar coming last across the categories, with a score of 3.23.

Across the categories, Weymouth broke into the top ten for temperature and came 19th for cloudiness.

In the beaches category, Weymouth came 30th, as parking (79th) and the price of a pint (83rd) lowered their overall score.

Head to https://www.thesolarcentre.co.uk/uk-seaside-resorts/index.html to find out more