Visitors to a Weymouth beach were entertained by the local resident seal, who decided to have a go at a spot of paddleboarding.

Local resident Sammy the Seal was seen at Preston Beach on Wednesday interacting with visitors.

He appeared to be in a playful mood, even choosing to climb aboard a young man’s paddle board. Everyone kept a safe distance, with guidance from helpful local volunteers in high-visibility jackets, so everyone could enjoy the heartwarming spectacle. It really was something special to behold.

While Sammy is known to approach people on the beach, it is important to note that it should never be the other way around.

People should observe him from a safe distance, disturbing him as little as possible.

Sadly, several incidents have been flagged up in recent weeks, such as a young boy being bitten by the seal as he attempted to stroke the animal, and other young children throwing stones at the poor creature.