Emergency services were put through their paces during a chaotic day around Dorset's Durdle Door beauty spot.

Coastguards and paramedics battled through blazing temperatures to rescue multiple casualties on the Jurassic coast yesterday.Dorset Echo: Picture: Lulworth Coastguard Rescue TeamPicture: Lulworth Coastguard Rescue Team

Lulworth coastguards worked late into the night - and, just seven months into the year, have now attended the same number of callouts as they did in the whole of 2019.

At 3.45pm rescuers were called to Durdle Door to help a man who had collapsed.

Coastguards, paramedics and Lulworth Estate staff worked together to administer first aid and help the man up the track from the beach and into the safety of an ambulance, and from there he was taken to hospital.

No sooner had the coastguards been stood down, a man approached the team asking for help after his mother injured her foot at the top of the steps at Durdle Door.

"The man then vanished from view to call an ambulance," a spokesman for Lulworth Coastguard said.

Coastguards were instructed by headquarters to scour the area for the woman - but a thorough search, the team was given orders to stand down and return to their families - but it would not be long before the next call out.

"Around an hour or so being back with their families, coastguards were paged again," the coastguard spokesman said.

"This time a lady was having difficulties getting back to her yacht at Mupe Bay and required assistance.

"After gaining access to the Lulworth army ranges through the army camp guard room, the team made its way to Mupe Bay."

Then new information came in, suggesting that the woman was now on her way back to West Lulworth, by foot.

"The team started to search for her via the access tracks and footpaths," said the coastguard. "At Lulworth, another team member had arrived, and started searching the Lulworth Cove area."

However while this search was going on the team was paged again with a request to support ambulance crews dealing with a serious emergency at nearby Stair Hole, where a teenager had suffered a nasty trip and broken his leg in two places.

A coastguard rescue officer rushed to the scene and found the boy by Lulworth's World Heritage Stone.

Paramedics arrived to give first aid, and the rest of the Lulworth Coastguard team, who had been searching for the woman, hurried back through the army ranges to help.

"The boy was given pain relief and had fractured both his tibia and fibula," the coastguard spokesman said.

In another stellar display of teamwork, coastguards, paramedics and security guards from Weymouth's UDL Security joined forces to rescue the teenager and wheel him into the safety of a waiting ambulance.

Coastguards then turned their attention back to searching for the woman in difficulties.

"After communicating with Solent, the team were pleased to learn that the lady was now safely back at a relative's house in West Lulworth," the coastguard spokesman said.

"Coastguards were finally able to return home just after 10pm. A busy day for teams right across Dorset - we hit our 60th tasking of the year today, at the end of July.

"We received 60 jobs for the whole of 2019."