People seen climbing and digging into the side of a fragile cliff on the Jurassic Coast sparked an emergency response amid concerns for their safety.

Coastguard officers were alerted yesterday afternoon to reports from RNLI Lifeguards about people beneath the East Cliff, West Bay.

Officers were tasked with providing safety advice to those concerned and trying to prevent any potential injuries from the fragile cliffs.

This area of coast is susceptible to rock falls and landslides and visitors are urged to stay away from the base of the cliffs.

Signs in the area warn of the dangers.

A spokesman for West Bay Coastguard said: "Two officers conducted a foot patrol down the beach whilst the remaining officers liaised with the lifeguards on East Pier.

"It should be noted that the officers had to walk past three separate sets of safety signage as well as the temporary signage erected by the RNLI Lifeguards, all providing clear warnings about the local cliff dangers.

"The members of the public concerned were given advice and the officers also chatted with other families about the local risks.

"The team then stood down to return to station."