Coastguards,lifeboat crews and paramedics worked together to rescue a man who collapsed at Lulworth Cove.

Lulworth Coastguard received an alert from Solent HQ yesterday at around 3.52pm, calling on them to help colleagues in the ambulance service who were trying to help a man who had collapsed after leaving the sea at the eastern side of Lulworth Cove.

The team made their way around the beach and located Lulworth First Response and paramedics, who were assessing the man.

The medical crews requested for Weymouth Lifeboat to transfer the man across the water into their ambulance.

"Shortly after the request had been passed to the lifeboat, the man's condition improved," said a spokesman for Lulworth Coastguard.

"With the help of the paramedics, he was helped back around the beach on foot.

"With the gentleman receiving the appropriate care in an ambulance, the team were stood down and returned to the Coastguard Station."