A fisherman captured this stunning footage of a humpback whale breaching close to his boat off Lyme Regis.

Skipper Chris 'Cece' Clarke, 24, was out fishing for whelk on board the Penglas when he spotted the huge mammal.

He said three whales started circling his boat before one came close and leapt straight out the water.

It then landed again and made a huge splash.

Chris said: "We'd been up all night working and we saw them going past. It certainly woke us up a bit.

"Two of them were a way off, but one swam right past us, and leapt out the water."

Chris had set out from Brixham, Devon, and was off the coast of Lyme Regis when he came across the whales.

He added: "I've seen lots of dolphins and seals, but I've never seen a whale before.

"I never thought I was desperate to see a whale but I'm really glad that I have."