Here at the Dorset Echo we’re as passionate as our readers about our animal friends.

In a bid to celebrate the joy our pet dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs and reptiles bring to our lives we have launched Pets of the Week.

This is a dedicated space to nominate your four-legged friends or your cold blooded reptiles for the coveted title of the Dorset Echo’s Pet of the Week.

Scroll down to see some of the cutest animals around. 

Starting off proceedings this week is an adorable rescue dog....

Dorset Echo:

Honey the cockapoo dog, 3, a rescue dog owned by Caroline Kinsella, who tells us: “Honey helped me to recover from illness last year and has got me through shielding this year.

"She has a lovely personality. She is always happy.

"The only challenge with Honey is she likes to get her toys out.

"She was rescued from a North Wales puppy farm when she was 7 months old. She was a lucky one as they had not had time to breed from her. She had not been socialised and in the beginning did not know how to play."

Dorset Echo:

Humphrey the dwarf lop rabbit, 7, here taking a nap after hopping around the house. Owned by Claire Peters-Way, who tells us: “Humphrey’s a very sociable rabbit and enjoys chasing us around the house.”

"Humphrey was purchased from Pets at Home on Christmas Eve six years ago. He was brought for me as a Christmas present.

"Humphrey lives in the house and loves to explore, although he does like to chew through cables from time to time. He has a variety of toys which he likes to hop around with.

"The challenges of having an indoor rabbit is making sure things are bunny proof, especially cables."

Dorset Echo:

Dollie the springer spaniel, 10 months old, owned by Michelle Grainger, who says: “She’s just beautiful, faithful and we wouldn’t be without her!”

"We bought her from Newton Abbot. Dollie could stop trying to eat all our socks and skinning all the tennis balls though but apart from that she’s lush! She’s still training but will happily give you her paw and spin for her food! She’s very active so needs a lot of time spent with her, walking, etc

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Dorset Echo:

Duggee the cockapoo, 10 months old, owned by Stacy Mudge. She says: “He’s very good at leaping around in the long grass, like a gazelle!

"We picked up Duggee from a lovely lady in Yeovil. We hadn't told our 3 year old so he was really surprised when after pre school there was a puppy to greet him!

"He loves to run around and chase his friends whilst out on walks. He gets especially excited running upstairs in the morning! He's a needy boy, who loves being around his family. He needs a good brush too so its important to groom him daily.

"Duggee has never gone missing but he did manage to get out the door once and chased our cat down the road!!"

Dorset Echo:

Archie the pug dog, 9, on the right, riding his skateboard with his friend Elvis. Owned by Indi Palmer, who says: “Archie knows around 20 different tricks including riding a scooter, skateboard and giving a fist bump.

"We got Archie when he was seven months old and we are his third home.

"Archie is a very good dog and never does anything wrong. He’s very chilled out and just loves to cuddle and make friends with everyone. He’s quite lazy and sometimes plays dead when I try and take him for a walk.