A CAR meet in Weymouth, which was organised in tribute to a crash victim, was marred by the shocking scenes of a car smashing into a wall.

Sadly, the event was ruined in part after a crash involving a Smart car driven by an 18-year-old woman. It was seen to drive past crowds in the car park before crashing into a wall.

Police and the fire services were called at about 9pm on Saturday, July 25 to the crash scene. Firefighters found the driver trapped and had to remove the roof of the vehicle in order to free her. She was then taken to hospital for treatment.

A police spokesman said: "Her injuries were not life-threatening or life-changing. An investigation is underway to establish the full circumstances of the incident. No arrests have been made."

Dorset Echo: Picture: Dorset Police No ExcusePicture: Dorset Police No Excuse

Shay McNulty, from Weymouth, attended the meet and caught the crash on video.

He said: "A young girl went flying through and crashed into the wall basically.

"You could hear it from the other side, the video doesn't do the noise justice.

"I've been to a few of these meets and this is the first time I have ever seen anything like this."

A spokesperson for Dorset Police's No Excuse Road Safety Team said they had "no doubt" the crash was as a result of "careless, inconsiderate driving at excessive speed."

They added: "Our team as well as other emergency services had to spend several hours dealing with the aftermath of this avoidable collision. We are pleased the occupants weren't seriously injured.

"This was an avoidable moment of madness which resulted in three emergency services attending to pick up the pieces.

"We hope all those involved have learnt by this experience and will drive more carefully now.

Event organiser Lewis Taylor, owner of Beyond City Car Meets UK, posted a video on Facebook about the incident.

Mr Taylor said the driver involved had since sent a message apologising for what happened.

He said: "It's been brought to my attention that an incident happened on Saturday.

"Things do happen unfortunately but after Saturday's incident, I just wanted to make (people) aware that we do not tolerate behaviour such as that. The repercussions could have been a hell of a lot worse for the people involved, as well as other people at the meet.

"That was the first time something like that had ever happened and hopefully the last and it's a lesson for everyone to learn from really."

He added: "Unfortunately it kind of put a dampener on what was an amazing Saturday which was a tribute to an amazing guy who passed away in the week just gone."