Glenn Chadwick became landlord of Hardy's Tavern in Trinity Street, Dorchester, not long after the pub, like all others, had to close its doors because of the Covid pandemic.

Here, Glenn, who has run the pub for six months, tells us how the pub has met the Covid challenge and how the time in lockdown offered the opportunity to give the pub a new look.

Why did you decide to run a pub?

The lack of live music within Dorchester on a regular weekend basis.

Bar staff names: Sarah Chadwick, Kerri Walker and Liam Gigg

History of the pub (that you know of): The history of the pub is sketchy but it’s been here a couple of hundred years

Dorset Echo:

Is food served and if so, what’s on the menu?

We have a unique menu that we call Skool Dinner serving old school dinner type meals and puddings - things like fish finger sandwiches and rice pudding with strawberry jam and jam roly poly with pink custard. If you had it as a child, chances are we serve it.

Most popular drink served is: Definitely our range of lagers

Most memorable moment?

It was the opening day back in November. We were meant to open at 2pm but had people at the door from midday, and also New Year’s Eve when we have the Decatronics playing. It was a totally amazing night and we closed, I think, around 5am.

Dorset Echo:

Do you have an entertainment line-up?

We do normally 3 months’ entertainment at a time but not at present with the restrictions We’re hoping that it will be back to normal come September.

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Have you faced any challenges within the industry?

We had the challenge of improving the reputation of the pub and trying to turn it around in 3 months and then Covid struck.

The best thing about running a pub is...

The punters - they make it and our fantastic staff are always up for a laugh - I do try their nerves sometimes.

The worst thing about running a pub is....

Long hours and financial worries.

The perfect cure for a hangover is...


How have you responded to the challenge of the coronavirus lockdown and how do you see the pub adapting to the new situation?

During lockdown we have taken the opportunity to redecorate and build a stage for the bands, revamp the beer garden and bring the pub up to date but hopefully still keeping the character of the place

Dorset Echo:

Is there anything you would like to add that people might find of interest about your pub?

We live stream to social media gigs played at our venue, so even if your favourite band is on and you can’t get to see them you can still watch them - and music is what this pub is all about.