I AM putting forward a plan to pedestrianise the Dorchester High Street.

This could (based on Madrid's pedestrianisation) lead to up to 10% more High Street sales and more than 10% less CO2 emissions. It could decrease bus times, due to there not being any traffic.

The only effect I could think of would be the displacement of traffic on other roads. However, the traffic effects would be minor. The pedestrianisation would also give the opportunity to cycle safely, which people may choose to do, further driving down traffic.

Previously, Dorchester has had temporary pedestrianisation on the Hardy Victorian Fair. During that event, there was not any major effects, apart from (maybe) bus lanes, however, with the one way lane, it should be alright for all modes of transport.

In my plan, there would be wider paths, a 2-way bike path, a one way lane, and places for delivery parking and bus stops. The reduced traffic would create a better bus corridor, when there is no traffic. And this is important when there are more than 10 bus routes going through that sector.

At Trinity Street, buses and deliveries can turn left or right, with a new one way system in place, from Trinity Street Junction to Top o' Town Roundabout, and Trinity Street Junction to Church Street, where the pedestrianisation would end, but could be extended in the future.

If the council is reading this, I would propose a one week long trial scheme.

Sam Dunlop

Balmoral Crescent