Last month in the House of Commons I spoke about ‘building back better’ for West Dorset as we plan our local recovery from the coronavirus crisis. In my response to the Chancellor’s statement on the economy; and in my direct lobbying of individual ministers, I have repeatedly called on Government to invest in our rural West Dorset community as a priority.

That is why this week I am particularly pleased to share a major success, with the news that Kingston Maurward College has secured £3.5 million as part of the Getting Building Fund, representing one of the biggest Government investments in West Dorset for many years. This is a huge boost to local education, skills development and training and clear evidence that Government is now listening to our needs here.

We have a great number of small and micro-sized businesses in West Dorset and the needs of our agriculture sector is significant. This investment in Kingston Maurward College will support the development of a University Centre and Rural Business Development Hub; not only great news for the future of our young people’s career opportunities, but also a welcome boost for local employment.

Finally, the House of Commons is in recess until 1st September and I’m planning visits throughout the constituency during August. Contrary to what some presume, recess is most definitely not a holiday – more a welcome opportunity to spend more time working here rather than in Westminster. Please do remember to let me know about any events you are planning this summer and I will do my very best to support them.

Also, my surgeries are still taking place by phone or virtual meeting. If there are issues you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact me on