AN AMERICAN driver travelling the wrong way around a roundabout after 'forgetting' he was in the UK and a man behind the wheel of a sports car at almost double the speed limit in a 'moment of madness' - just some of the speeding drivers police have snared on Dorset's roads.

Dorset Police's 'No Excuse' team have released details of a series of speeding offences committed in just one day, as they urged drivers to think twice before recklessly breaking the limit again.

Among them was the driver of a BMW 5201 M Sport caught travelling at 58mph along the 30mph A350 in Stourpaine, which the driver admitted had been a 'moment of madness'.

A 'No Excuse' spokesman said: "Before it came into view, we heard this BMW 520I M Sport accelerating hard through Stourpaine, on the A350 in a 30mph zone.

"Unfortunately for the driver we had just switched our laser on and recorded him at 58mph.

"He was still accelerating towards us, until we switched the blue lights on so he was probably going even quicker than that. When stopped, the driver immediately stated he was sorry, he knew what he'd done and it was a moment of madness.

"He was very polite and apologetic, stating he was in no particular hurry and just rushing home to Bournemouth with his friend.

"He asked for leniency but at 93% over the speed limit, he will need to ask the Magistrate for that. We do hope he's learnt by this and will think twice before recklessly speeding again."

They said a VW Golf was recorded at the same location travelling at 48mph, with the female driver claiming she had been rushing to visit her mum and didn't know the speed limit, and a Ford Transit van clocked at 44mph. Fixed Penalty Notices were given to both drivers. The driver of a Nissan Qushqai caught on the same stretch of road at 41mph was issued with a Driver Awareneess Course notice.

The spokesman added: "Whilst we were there several members of the community approached us and thanked us for our efforts, which was good to see.

"Also yesterday evening on Wareham Road Corfe Mullen we recorded a Chevrolet Cruze at 60mph in a 40mph zone. The driver was rushing home from football training and stated he didn't think his car could go that fast! He promised he would now slow down and an FPN was issued.

"On Dorset Way we also recorded two vehicles speeding in a 50mph zone, a Mitsibihi Shogun at 67mph and a VW at 65mph. FPNs were issued and then we were finally on the way back to the police station."

One of the most shocking stops was made by the team during this journey back the station, near to the Holes Bay roundabout in Poole.

The spokesman said: "We observed an Audi A4 join the roundabout from the Fire Station direction at Safety Drive and amazingly turn right, driving the wrong way around it.

"We couldn't quite believe what we were seeing and expecting alcohol or drugs to be involved. However turns out the American driver had simply forgotten he was in the UK, thinking he was back in America!"