A DRIVER was caught speeding at 103mph on the way to his holiday home in Weymouth.

He was stopped by Dorset Police's No Excuse team as they continue to crack down on rogue drivers across the county.

A spokesman said: "The team had enquires to do in Dorchester. On the way there on the A35 dual carriageway from Poole we witnessed two BMWs speeding.

"Both have been reported to court as they were recorded in excess of the fixed penalty threshold.

"The X3 was recorded at 103mph rushing to the family's holiday home in Weymouth from London, for a holiday.

"The M Sport driver, who was recorded at 96mph, had his family, including two small children, in the car.

"They were in no particular hurry just heading home. The driver already holds six points on his licence so now faces being disqualified.

"Both were apologetic and promised to slow down, as their licences are important to them. We hope they do."