Police seized a stolen van that the driver had innocently bought in good faith.

A spokesman for Dorset Police's No Excuse Team said: "The Ford transit van was stolen from the Midlands in October 2019.

"It was on false plates and the chassis numbers/VIN plates were covered over.

"Our vehicle examiners confirmed its real identity.

"The buyer had innocently paid £6600 cash for it, however we have had to seize it and take it to the compound.

"We hope he can arrange something with the owning insurance company to put it right and keep it.

"Please be careful if you are buying vehicles for cash on the internet.

"If the VIN plates peel off or look tampered with then they are not genuine, please check.

"We've then issued three speeding fixed penalties in quick succession. With the highest speed being 65mph in a 40 zone. The driver was apologetic and stated, 'You've certainly made me think now, I promise I will never speed again'.

"We hope so."