PEOPLE are being warned to beware of an Amazon Prime scam.

Police across UK have received a sharp rise in the number of scam reports via Action Fraud, where victims are cold-called at home by people claiming to be from online retailer Amazon.

The caller will claim to be contacting the victim because there is an issue with their Amazon Prime membership or unauthorised activity on their Amazon account.

Police say: "Do not engage with the caller as they will be attempting to get you to disclose your personal or financial details in order to scam you.

"We have even been made aware of scammers directing the victim to go and purchase Amazon vouchers from a shop (to then be later collected in person by the scammer or an accomplice) in order to 'demonstrate that their Prime account is working properly'.

"Again, on no account should you do this: discuss your concerns with a trusted family member or friend who can refer the incident to Action Fraud on your behalf if you cannot do this yourself."

Police have also warned of scammers that pretend to be from Visa or Mastercard.

There have also been reports of a council tax refund scam email that claims to refund more than £300.