Travellers have moved on to a children's play area in Dorchester.

A number of caravans have been parked at a playground at Maiden Castle Road near the Prince of Wales School.

The group arrived on Sunday, and it is understood they left the site before moving to land at Poundbury, and have since been evicted by the Duchy of Cornwall.

A Dorset Police spokesman said: "We received a report at around 11am on Sunday August 9 of a traveller encampment in the play park on Maiden Castle Road in Dorchester. Officers attended and have been liaising with the local authority.

"There is information to suggest that at this time, the group are currently leaving the area."

Dorchester Police supported the town council with the eviction from the play park this morning.

"From that location we then supported the Duchy of Cornwall's bailiff with removing the same group from Poundbury," a spokesman for Dorchester Police said.