The police helicopter and dogs, lifeboat and coastguard were called late last night to find a missing 'vulnerable man' who had fallen down a cliff.

Lyme Regis Coastguard team was tasked alongside colleagues from Beer and a Senior Coastal Operations Officer to help Devon and Cornwall Police in the search for a missing person. The NPAS police helicopter and dog units were also searching.

Lyme Regis lifeboat was also called to help in the search - who said the man had been described as 'vulnerable' - and provide the necessary communications due to the difficult terrain. As part of the search, a cliff technician was harnessed up to investigate the more treacherous and unreachable areas.

During one of these searches, the man was found and had fallen about 20 metres.

Due to the nature of his injuries and the inaccessibility of the area, a helicopter was requested.

A spokesman for Lyme Regis Coastguard said: "The cliff technician secured the casualty and provided casualty care while waiting for the arrival of Coastguard Rescue helicopter #187 from St Athans in Wales.

"Once the helicopter had arrived, the winchman from the aircraft was lowered down to the casualty. He was placed in a rescue strop and brought up onto the golf course where further medical care was given. The coastguard team set up a helicopter landing site on the golf course.

"Once the casualty had been stabilised by the paramedics from the SWAS HART team and the flight, the coastguard teams carried the stretcher to the aircraft for the flight to hospital.

"Both coastguard teams then recovered all cliff rescue equipment back, returning to their respective bases at just after 4am.

"We wish the casualty speedy recovery. Stay safe on the coast this summer."