A calming, uplifting and bright space in the middle of Poundbury is the winner of this week’s coveted Trader of the Week title.

Francoise Ha, of the SC Wellness & Learning Centre located at 1B Liscombe Street, Poundbury, tells us how her business has become known as the perfect place to come to destress, recharge and refocus.

She said: “We offer therapies, consultations, workshops and exercise classes as well as special interest courses such as South Korean Culture workshops, Kimchi Masterclasses, Natural Aquarium workshops, Natural Plant Aquaculture and other interesting topics.

Dorset Echo:

“We hope to share our knowledge and expertise with others so we can all live closer in harmony with the natural world.”

SC Wellness & Learning Centre offers courses that open the door to new thinking and ideas and enhance people’s quality of life.

Courses can be joined in person/ online for a holistic approach to life; for total mind and body balance.

Among those treated at the centre are newborn babies who cannot sleep, teenagers who are stressed from schoolwork and exams, stressed workers, tired parents and injured athletes to the retired who often feel a lot of pain and are looking for respite.

Dorset Echo:

Francoise said there are few practitioners in Europe with the extensive knowledge and experience working with chi in this way.

She added: “Master Ha (Incheol Ha) is originally from South Korea, where both he and Francoise Ha (his wife) trained in this work. Many people have heard of Tai Chi which is from China, but few have heard of the ancient Chi methods from South Korea. We call it Shinsundo Chi.

Dorset Echo:

"These natural health methods working with an individual’s energy or chi is what we have trained in.

“We also have many years experience working in other industries before training as Chi practitioners so we do not exist in a bubble.”

Francois said that when people visit the centre or join a chi session online, they often comment on ‘how quickly they can feel the peaceful, bright and strong energy that they are working with’.

She adds: “We are also known for the kindness and care our practitioners provide to all our clients. ”

Dorset Echo:

Francoise said that in these times of Covid-19 there is a lot of fear in people.

She adds: “We hope we can help people feel stronger and calmer in themselves when they visit our centre and then when they go home to their families. Times can be challenging when you do not feel in control, but through focusing on your own Chi and managing it differently, we can find the focus and strength to continue to create more beauty and harmony in this world, no matter what is going on around us.”

Francoise said that if people have a specific health issue she recommends they try either a hands-on acupressure chi treatment or a session at a distance over web video or telephone.

She adds: “This is a good way for us to evaluate your current health and mental wellbeing.

“Alternatively, try one of our movement courses so you can learn to move chi yourself. These sessions are good for those interested in self-help and who want to introduce a new active element to their weekly routine.

We run a few Chi classes each day Monday to Friday both in person or online. We also run weekend chi workshops.”