WITH all the talk in the news about migrants coming over the channel to England, time is running short on resolving this problem.

When we leave Europe, it will be more difficult to return people to the country of origin or France, simply because the agreement whereby people are processed at the first country of entry into the EU will no longer apply. We must face facts that the French will not unduly help us with this problem, as in many respects they are glad to see the back of these poor souls.

If France were interested in solving this problem, they would process these people and prevent them from camping alongside the channel ready to try and get across.

In fact many of these people have been in France for a very long time and the French just choose to simply ignore the problem.

One could argue that if France cannot stop these people leaving France then perhaps, they would not notice if we employed the SBS in their fast vessels to take them back to France.

Indeed, our relationship with France could possibly worsen when we leave the EU, if the dispute about fishing rights is not resolved.

It is obvious that France and a few other European countries will soon try and continue to fish within our waters if we reclaim our fishing areas.

Sadly this may well bring about confrontation between ourselves and the French fishermen as has happened in the past, so we had best get geared up so that we can prevent this happening ,either by an agreement with the French or stiffen our resolve with regard to our borders and fishing areas.

COLIN MOYES Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy