On Sunday August 9 along with thousands of others we went to Studland beach.

The car parks were full and so along with hundred of other cars we parked in Ferry Road.

Not on the road per se but on the grass verge on the shrub side of the very indistinct double lines.

We were not in any way causing an obstruction. The children dug for England and the parents rejoiced in seeing their children freed from Covid to a degree after Lock-down. Returning to our cars we, hundreds of us, had parking tickets.

No social purpose was gained in doing this only a bonanza for the DCC some thousands of pounds to my calculation.

What small minded, avaricious person/persons allowed this to happen after the travails of lock down. Stand with me in protest if you were one of those who helped raise funds in this disgusting affair.

Don’t pay and let a sane judge decide as I shall.

ROBERT GEORGE HOLMES Pitmans Lane Bridport