TWO people were rescued after getting stuck on a cliff-face.

Coastguards were mobilised after the young couple ran into trouble yesterday afternoon.

A spokesman for Lulworth Coastguard said: "The team was paged at 17:13 after Solent Coastgaurd received reports of two people stuck on a cliff at Burning Cliff, Ringstead.

"Wyke Coastguard CRT and Kimmeridge Coastguard were tasked as a cliff recovery was considered a likely form of extraction.

"On arrival at Burning Cliff, the teams were guided to the area by some helpful local residents.

"Two search teams set out to ascertain the location of the pair.

"After descending and then traversing Burning Cliff From St Catherine’s Chapel, one of the teams managed to locate the two.

"This was after crawling on their hands and knees through some incredibly dense scrub, following deer paths.

"Thankfully the young couple were none the worse off for their ordeal, with just some minor scratches.

"The two officers guided the pair back down to the beach, and were met by more Coastguards who bought some much needed water.

"The group then walked back to the relocated vehicles, now at Ringstead.

"The two did exactly the right thing when they found themselves lost by calling 999 and asking for the coastguard. With the couple safe and making their way back to the vehicle, the teams were stood down."