A POLICE officer was given a lift by a passer-by as she tried to catch a runaway dog.

The dog was running along the main road between Wareham and Wool.

One of the officers involved said: "Myself and my colleague have been given the run around this morning.

"We were flagged down by lots of members of public telling us there was a dog running up the road from Wool towards Wareham.

"We located the dog and I got out to try and catch it but it was too quick for me.

"Then my colleague was also trying to catch it but it was evading capture.

"I would just like to say a big thank you to a lovely lady who told me to get in her car instead of running up the road in this heat.

"After some time of trying to capture the dog it eventually went into a driveway and garden where I followed it...... with this heat it decided to hand itself in.

"The worried owner was contacted and has since been to collect the dog."