Campers are descending on the west Dorset coast, with reports of more than 100 in tents over the weekend, anti-social behaviour and rubbish left behind.

West Bay resident Lesley Brinkworth saw around five tents pitched up between the trees in West Bay Road car park on Saturday morning and said they played loud music until 1am. She reported it to the police and Bridport Town Council also reported the camping to Dorset Council.

Lucy Fearon lives on West Bay Road and saw the group camping and the following day walked down and was ‘disgusted’ to find the mess they ‘left for the good people of West Bay to clear up’.

A friend of hers also came across a group from Coventry camping on East Beach on Sunday morning.

Lucy said: “She asked them to clear up after them, but they didn’t. It’s so upsetting when local people are trying to keep everything litter free.”

A spokesman for Dorset Police said: “We received a couple of reports in relation to four or five tents pitched in the West Bay Road car park. The reports raised concerns about noise levels, littering and the car park not being locked overnight. The informants were advised to contact the local authority or car park owner.”

However, a spokesman for Dorset Council said the car park is locked at 10pm and any reports of anti-social behaviour must be reported to police.

There were also reports of more than 100 campers at West Bexington.

Lawrence Alexander often walks along Chesil Beach and noticed the ‘growing number of campers’ on the beach so went to talk to them on Saturday morning.

He said: “At 8.30am, the car park was full, presumably with the campers’ cars.

“Onto the beach, I counted about 20 separate ‘installations’, some complete with toilet tents.

“Talking to the campers and questioning why they were trespassing; the only response was to point to all the others around them.

“There is no sanitation on the beach and walking along and counting, I would guess there were upwards of 100 campers.”

Dorset Council announced Dorset Police would be patrolling West Bexington last week, but no enforcement action was taken by them.

A spokesman for Dorset Police said: “In terms of future patrols, we will continue to work with Dorset Council to assist in keeping our beauty spots and beaches available to all during the busy summer season ahead.”

A spokesman for Dorset Council said: “We are meeting twice weekly with the police regarding ongoing issues, but any anti-social behaviour needs to be reported. There are by-laws which prevent overnight sleeping on certain sections of West Bexington Beach. We are currently in dialogue with the parish council over suggestions to amend the restrictions on the West Bexington Beach car park.”

The car park is currently open 24 hours to motorhomes as well as cars.