A WOMAN suffered suspected spinal injuries after a 24-ft speedboat flipped over at Studland Bay.

Four people were onboard the vessel at the time, and three of them were thrown into the water.

The injured woman was the only one of the four not ejected into the water during the accident.

The coastguard rescue helicopter was scrambled, along with RNLI lifeboat volunteers, coastguard officers and paramedics.

A Poole RNLI spokesman said: "The lifeboat volunteers found the speedboat alongside a catamaran in Studland Bay and the people who had been flipped out of the vessel were now safely out of the water on the catamaran.

"Conditions were overcast, sea conditions calm and there was a slight northerly breeze.

"Two lifeboat crew were transferred across onto the casualty vessel and proceeded to administer casualty care."

Meanwhile, the helicopter's winch man was lowered down onto the lifeboat so he could be transferred to the catamaran to assess the woman.

The RNLI spokesman said: "As there was a suspected spinal injury and she was in a lot of discomfort and pain.

"The decision was made to place the person with the suspected spinal injury carefully onto a stretcher and transport her and the other female to North Haven Steps via the lifeboat, where an ambulance had been requested to attend.

"Swanage search and rescue coastguard volunteers were also on hand to assist with the medi-vac."

The speedboat was taken back to Cobbs Quay to refuel before returning to Rockley, Poole, while the RNLI lifeboat headed out into Poole Bay where the coastguard winch man was reunited back with his helicopter.

"We wish the lady with the suspected spinal injury a swift recovery," said the Poole RNLI spokesman.

The incident unfolded on Thursday around 4pm.