Dear Jeremy Livingstone Seagull (and other Weymouth residents),

I was delighted to read your letter (‘Have Your Say’, Tuesday August 11th), which reminded readers that gulls and humans have been around here for a similar amount of time, and that both our species enjoy a good peck upon fish and chips, McDonalds, sandwiches etc.--- well, most ‘fast’, edible things, I guess.

I would like to add to those points, something my grandad told me when I was just a nipper (so to speak): that we herring gulls lived out at sea more in days gone by, when we were lucky enough to find plenty of fish, as the sea was cleaner, less poisoned and polluted by human beings. In days gone by we tended to fly inland, largely, when the weather was bad.

With less food at sea, herring gulls looked elsewhere – and there it was! Human beings, having reduced our natural food supply, lured gulls inland with the sight of their left-overs scattered about, or placed in easily accessed, open bins (see example: Jubilee Sidings). Yum! That really got us shouting, arguing, fighting! Oh, and there were a few role models for us, too, among the humans.

So, human beings – don’t leave your rubbish around, and don’t blame us! Instead, start looking after this beautiful, natural world. It’s said you’re the intelligent ones – ha ha ha! Get your act together – before Radipole Lake, the Harbour, the Sea, the Oceans are pure poison and nothing else, and the woods and forests are all burned down, removed, gone! Oh! And remember: gulls’ behaviour today is mostly the result of human selfishness and stupidity!

From Henrietta Herring Gull as dictated to and submitted by:

Sally Maslin