A DORSET man died after drinking an entire 70cl bottle of Jack Daniels in under five seconds, an inquest heard.

Samuel Nicholas Thomas Davis, 30, died in hospital on November 29, 2019.

He had more than seven times the legal drink driving limit in his system when he died.

At his time of death, Mr Davis had 609 micrograms of alcohol per 100ml of blood in his system, a level senior coroner for Dorset Rachael Griffin said she had never seen before.

Ms Griffin told the inquest held at Bournemouth Town Hall on August 16, Mr Davis, of Draper Road in Christchurch, was a refuse worker.

Mr Davis’ mother died in 2016 which, according to his stepfather Stephen Lillington, hit him hard and he began to drink heavily.

The inquest heard Mr Davis could never drink one or two, but would “drink himself incapable”.

Ms Griffin said: “On November 28 he had a day off work. In the morning he had been at his home address where he told his stepfather he consumed a bottle of whiskey.

“He went around his friends house and had a beer or two, then drank a full bottle of Jack Daniels within a matter of seconds.

“Shortly after that it was apparent he was significantly intoxicated, so much so that his stepfather came to collect him and he collapsed.”

Mr Davis fell in the footwell of his stepfather’s car.

After driving him home, he decided to leave Mr Davis to sleep before helping him into the house.

Approximately 20 minutes later, Mr Lillington went to check up on him but found him unresponsive.

Parademics were called and seven ambulance staff attended to get him out the car.

By the time they removed him, he had not been breathing for nearly an hour.

He was taken to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Ms Griffin continued: “I have never seen a level as high as that that Mr Davis had in his system.”

She told the inquest the usual level of alcohol found in fatalities was 350micrograms per 100ml of blood, nearly half of the level in Mr Davis’ blood.

“The alcohol he consumed had an immediate impact on him,” she added.

“Samuel Nicholas Thomas Davis died on November 29 at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, his death was alcohol related.”