Has any Dorset Echo reader ever been successful in any measure whatsoever in persuading any Government national Department to change its policy on any topic? I very much doubt it.

My solo campaign to try to get the Department for Transport to do a U-turn to stop turning stretches of motorway hard shoulders into live lanes and then describing them as “smart” motorways has fallen on very stony ground.

For they are now planning to give the go-head to seven more “smart” motorways, including parts of the M6, the M25 and M3, which I reckon many people from Dorset, like me, will use from time to time. That’s despite the fact that 38 travellers have already been killed in five years on these “dice-with-death” motorways. Not smart at all.

The Department is now highlighting their planned improvement of overhead signals to warn drivers about a stopped vehicle ahead but I have no faith is such a system for in my travels I often see drivers ignoring those warning signs. Some don’t even keep to the 50mph instruction where workmen are operating very close to the drive lanes.

The Government has done a few U-turns on other matters of late. So let’s hope they do a U-turn on “smart” motorways.

Ron Kirby