The vast majority of comments concerning the Studland parking ticket issue supported adhering to the rules and law.

Unfortunately it does seem that selfishness or self interest often results in rules and good behavioural standards being ignored. The litter recently at Durdle Door was a prime example.

We also have:

Dangerous driving and parking outside schools

Cars parked blocking accesses

Bicycles ridden illegally on footpaths

Dog poo bags left in hedges, etc

Fly tipping and food/drink containers discarded illegally

Dogs off their leads free to disturb wildlife, leave permitted paths and trespass

Disposable barbecues incorrectly used and/or left in the countryside


In many cases the culprits will consider themselves upright citizens.

But they consider the effect of their action on others, the countryside, wildlife and Council Tax payers? Seemingly not.

What is the answer, education, more notices, increase penalties, name and shame…?

Gerald Northover