I note with interest Mr Denton-White's letter of 22 August.

As a member of the Conservative Party since 1967 and as a former Dorset County Councillor I have often questioned the wisdom of some of that party's policies but I have never felt the inclination to leave - rather fight for change from within.

But I digress

Votes weren't wasted last December - it was a democratic vote exercised in a free democracy. The people spoke.

Under the coalition government people had the democratic right to choose an alternative voting system to the current first past the post and again in a democratic vote people opted to retain the status quo.

As far as ancient tradition and precedent is concerned in the 2016 American Presidential election Hilary Clinton polled 3 million votes more than Trump but the latter secured a majority of the electoral college votes - a system laid down by the founding fathers in 1789.

Mr Denton -White is implying that thousands of Conservative voters are thick because they were not prepared to think like him

My experience of Lib Dem Activists is that they have there own interpretation of democracy.

Ed Davey put the interests of the Country first in 2010 and is pilloried for it.

Democracy was at work in 2016 when by a margin of 52-48 the country voted to leave the E.U.

That was a democratic vote and although I was a remainder I accepted the democratic outcome.

Unlike the then leader of the Lib Dems whose prime aim was to ignore that vote and ""stop Brexit"

My experience again of Lib Dem activists is that if things do not go their own way they---




They have yet to be heard uttering a fourth - "We wuz robbed."

Michael Bevan

Abbotsbury Road