It was good to read that the story about the puppy in the hot tub had a happy ending (World News, Dorset Echo August 29).

However, I was shocked to read the statement by the senior vet nurse: “The fact that he’s a bulldog puppy means he struggles with breathing at the best of times”.

It is astonishing that people are prepared to pay upwards of £2,000 for a flat faced (brachycephalic) breed that is known to have serious health issues.

It must surely detract from the pleasure of owning a dog if it cannot run around without struggling to breathe.

It has been quite distressing at times to hear a dog approaching making an awful wheezing sound while it struggles to breath.

If only people did not succumb to the dictates of fashion and instead researched and chose breeds for health, temperament and intelligence then vets would not be required to carry out so much painful and costly surgery in order to try to correct inbred defects. Canids have evolved to have pointed noses. We have done our canine friends a great disservice by creating designer breeds without regard to the effect on their health.

Zoe Mensing

Wyke Regis