I am staggered by the edict from Dorset Council.

We are not allowed to travel on the buses that carry schoolchildren.

Are these the same children that have been in Dorchester in groups, are they the same children on the beach, in the shops?

If they are, how come elderly people who live in outlying villages are being denied their freedom?

All summer we have virtually been confined at home now we are allowed out with masks, we have to wear masks on buses and in shops.

When we go on the bus we have less than two hours in Dorchester. If we miss that bus or get held up in the dentist or hospital appointments we will now have to wait till 6pm before we can get home.

Surely we are at more risk from these children than they are from us as we are masked and they aren’t, or is this the government's way of keeping all over 60s confined to their homes as what suggested a short while ago.

If it was safe for children to mingle in town, shops and beaches surely they are safe on the bus.

Cindy Read