Having just moved to the area, I cannot say enough how disappointed I am, by the number of people I see, who simply cannot understand the meaning of social distancing.

Do your readers not know the danger they’re putting themselves in?

Not to mention those with whom they have contact whilst they’re out.

I have been walking around Weymouth & Portland recently, fully masked and distanced I should add, and in doing so, I passed several pubs and bars.

None of which seemed even remotely interested in enforcing the ‘rules’ set by government.

With crowds of people gathered outside the doors, mingled together, rubbing shoulders with each other, laughing and joking, and acting as if life was normal. Let me remind you all; it’s far from normal - it’s a pandemic!

Are people not aware of the consequences that their selfish behaviour will have on those who are vulnerable? My husband is an asthmatic. If he has contact with someone who doesn’t know they have the virus, they could potentially infect him without knowing.

The consequences that entail thereafter could have devastating effects. Everyone who leaves their home, must behave as a potential carrier, by limiting their contact with people. You must pretend you’re infectious to others, so that you can understand the seriousness of the matter.

That said, there are many places which have gone above and beyond, when it comes to making people feel safe. We’ve both dined in some lovely places in the area, which should feel very proud to be open and operating in such challenging times.

Yet, there are those who shouldn’t be open at all, and have so little regard for safety.

It is the selfishness of the few, who will ruin the lives and enjoyment of the many, with what may very soon become a second lockdown. I for one do not wish to endure another several months stuck indoors. But, sadly, it doesn’t seem to bother that many from what I’ve seen. I wonder if anyone else feels the same way, or if I’m just unique?

Marion Sanders

Court Barton