HOW wonderful and magnanimous of Council Leader Flower to allow a free vote for councillors on the proposed increase (which has rightly been rejected) in expenses.

One wonders what planet some of these people live on because it certainly isn’t this one.

After all, how much more could their expenses be given most people (including councillors) are working from home?. The Covid19 pandemic has meant many are being made redundant whilst others have had their full-time status reduced so employers can retain as much of their workforce as possible.

I’ve seen my council tax increase by £10 per month and let’s face it, Dorset isn’t cheap anyway, which I’d be happy with if it goes to police, fire services, etc. but not for councillors to have ridiculously high expenses at their disposal.

As it is, it seems few local concerns are in fact ever dealt with to the satisfaction of the majority. The so called Six ‘Lead Councillors’ will receive an increase of £10k; how lovely!

There is absolutely NO justification for any raise to be paid to Councillor Flower’s sycophants.

Additionally, I would like to know precisely who sits on these so called independent panels which make such recommendations as it’s not one I would have made.

Just because money is available for an increase, does not mean it should be given away; indeed, any surplus funds should be reinvested back into community projects, local housing and traffic management and most definitely fixing the million or so potholes on our beautiful countryside roads!

Maria Williams