In response to Chris Loder’s letter, sitting in roads, trees and on bamboo, telling the truth, creating art, even disco-dancing aren’t really extreme actions by Extinction Rebellion.

Civil disobedience, maybe, but not, despite desperate claims by your government and the police, extreme nor even organised crime.

When law makers won’t make or change laws to protect their own citizens, non-violent disobedience is justified.

Chris, Roger Hallam has also said “the message is clear: if you practise non-violence, you are more likely to succeed”.

You pick a single illicitly gained personal comment and decide that you will not engage with hundreds of thousands of people globally, including in your own constituency, who are worried about the current crises and are taking action.

You claim support for local business yet your government is now knowingly breaking international law and reneging on its own previous Brexit agreement threatening the trade opportunities and livelihoods of those very businesses.

You claim support for young workers yet your government now blames them for the current COVID-19 situation in the same way it blamed Ofqual and Public Health England.

Please can you desist from publicly airing half-truths, sowing division and pursuing solely your own interests and those of your party.

In the time of crises - health, climate, ecological and economic - we need truth, unity and collaboration.

Maybe your next letter will describe how you’re fostering those things.

Rob Cheeseman