As Dorset County Councillor’s appointed Governor of DCH between 2013-2017 I became aware of the pressing need to expand DCH’s facilities, e.g. the emergency department due to the increasing population and demand, advances in medical treatments and the travel time to alternative hospitals.

I supported and still support the Trust’s approach.

I would not expect Dorset Council to refuse the multi-storey car park planning application on the grounds of the scale and mass of the building especially as Dorchester Town Council have been supportive.

Usually perceived harm, which can be categorised as subjective, needs to be weighed against the actual benefits. DCH needs to expand its facilities urgently and wishes to free up existing car parking space, by erecting a multi-storey to achieve space for the service improvements.

Parking availability has been an issue for staff, patients and visitors alike, so a lower capacity multi-storey is unlikely to offer a workable compromise.

Perfect planning solutions may not always be possible due e.g. to size of site.

That is why decisions are sometimes determined ‘on balance’.

Cllr Ian Gardner

(Chickerell Town Council)